-220 exercises for all riders and horses


First, we made horse United Kingdom orange

-Now we paint in blue!

After the success of FUN with BARS and CONES (2013, best-seller in its genre for the 4th year in a row), the publishing company Brightmare Productions HB with authors Lina Zacha and Barbro Lagergren out with yet another groundbreaking book in the same series, Creative Riding.

INSPIRATION on the PADDOCK, quickly became a favorite in the holiday shopping season. Half of the first edition is already sold, and the book is in danger of running out before the release of 13 December. The next edition is printed in January.

INSPIRATION on the PADDOCK is a stand-alone sequel to FUN with BARS and CONES and sticks to the same accessible layout, illustrations and language.

INSPIRATION on the PADDOCK, turns to horses and riders at all levels and in all directions, both beginners and riders at the elite level.

INSPIRATION on the PADDOCK, contains 220 different exercises divided into six chapters: Basic exercises & dressage, Basic exercises with bar, Caprilli & ground work, Cone drills, Specialhinder and Mastodonter as tape are.

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We spread creative horseback riding

Our philosophy is that all riders can, and should, get influences from other categories than just his own, and thus have a greater variety and breadth of training. The horse becomes through diverse training a stronger, happier, and more sustainable.

INSPIRATION on the PADDOCK, is a book that would inspire to look across borders and take advantage of all branches of equestrian sport. All we can learn from each other.

INSPIRATION on the PADDOCK would increase creativity in the paddock and get each rider and horse to start to explore their own potential.


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