Brightmare Productions

The products of Brightmare Productions bring creativity, joyfulness and consciousness to your riding and makes it more successful.
The creativity that we present will make every day a challenge and will give you and your horse a good feeling of partnership.
Our goal is to make both riders and horses comfortable and to give them more self-confidence. We communicate our idéas through our books,clinics and courses.

Lina Zacha

Lina grew up on an equestrian estate in the middle part of Sweden and started working as a trainer before she even graduated from college. Over the years, she has gained experience in a wide variety of disciplines. She has, for example, trained horses in the higher echelons of dressage, reschooled trotters, run two riding schools of her own and worked with problem horses.
At the beginning of the 2000’s, she competed at the highest Swedish elite level with horses she had trained from scratch, in six different Westernriding disciplines. Several of these disciplines are ridden in patterns consisting of poles, cones and technical obstacles, features that Lina has continued to incorporate into her dressage work.
For several years Lina has had her own concept, Authentic Horse Communication, in which she trains riders from all equestrian disciplines to develop a deeper understanding for their horse.

Barbro Lagergren

Barbro has as long as she can remember loved horses and riding has always been her passion. Barbro has combined work as a graphic designer with all aspects of riding, from breeding, running a livery yard to training, competing in showjumping and dressage.

Sweden is her home country, but nowadays she lives in Portugal and is studying classical dressage on Lusitano horses.
Barbro aims for a complete way of living that includes healthy food, yoga and an overall sound lifestyle. Her intention is to develop these ideas into helping others to find a good and healthy life style, which can also be applied to the way you treat and ride your horse.

These ideas are applicable to your riding because when you find balance within yourself and in your body, you will be a better rider.